Flashcard Hero Lite App Reviews

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Great App!

Very nice Falshcard App absolutely worth a try !

Great tool, just which there were more study options.

I love cue cards and I love how I can cut down on the time by typing them out instead of writing them on a piece of paper than can get distroyed easily. I love this app because it’s easy to use. I just which it was compatible with iPhone, but appeently that’s being made. I do wish there were more ways to study such as matching games where you match cards to their definition, or where you get the definition of a card and you spell out the word, or where you need to write out what’s on the back of the card. Just different and creative ways to make studying more fun.

Amazing App

This app is amazing, wow i am so impressed with this app it works awesome, you can add flashcards and study no gliches or bugs, works awesome and i defenetly recomend this app

I bought the full app too

This is a really good app, it has all the features I need to study memorization type of material

Like it!!!

Ok, It works well and do it job. So, I will recommend this app for all students (School or University) . Thanx

Problem with large cards

This app is very useful! My ony complaint is that if I write a lot of information on a card, when I got to study it, the rate my card options are covered since the card is so large. Is there a way to fix this so that you can scroll down to see the whole card and still be able to rate it?

Great app to study

Allows copy paste for figures Allows to write text Would not do without it anymore!

By far most useful app for students!

Reccomended this app to all of my friends! (couldn’t be greedy) Thank you!

Flashcard hero Free

Great app for studying, easy, user friendly design! Definitely recommend!

Life saver!

Honestly, I’m so glad I found this app during my finals. Its so easy to use and perfect to study. You can add pictures which is great for my stats class, but it would be nice to add highlighting and colors.Otherwise, I love that it repeats cards and has various studying techniques. It even shows how much you have learned. Sometimes you put too much text and it doesn’t really work so maybe figure something out for that.

love it

This app has really saved me, it helps me do all the learning a q-card does except without the vigorous effort and time.

Very helpful app for studying!

I have used this app to study terminology for work and it is a great help! I would recommend this app to anyone who needs that little bit of extra help to train your brain.


Just buy the proper one. I have been using this app to learn characters for Chinese before the update, and before the update this was a must have app, after the update its even better! I have upgraded as should everyone just so I can put all my cards in one deck if i want to do a massive vocab review. Plus I was amazed to see the variety of languages the app has- it even has Chinese. 100% get this app for a language its beyond great. One small issue for Chinese is that I want to put the pinyin somewhere but the app keeps reading that out incorrectly, i wish you could exclude some bits from the speech, but you get used to ignoring it. This app is the real deal, so get the full version.

Very Satisfied

I use this app to study Korean vocabulary, and it helps me in my studies a lot! I like all the new features added in the new update, a must have app for sure! I upgraded to the full version and don’t regret it. FIVE STARS.

The best for study

It has very nice tools to help, no matter what you are studying.

Best app for studying!!!

I use it memorize all my bio terminology and it is so great especially the multiple choice, it makes it even easier to study:)

Useful but crashes often and without an autosave!

I was 26 slides in and it crashed for no reason. Also I change my liscence into a full one using in app purchase, I recommend buying the paid one if you’re planning to get the full version.

Best Flashcard App for Mac

Everything about this app is great. You can add photos and customize your flashcards using bold, italics, superscript and subscript. A great feature to add would be the ability to change font. As someone who uses this app for studying programming, having a monospaced font would be invaluable for some of my cards.

awsome app

This app is awesome! It really helped me out a lot!

Useful App

I’m undergrad student of Business Management, and I used this to memorize details and information. It so helpful thou I have to pay, but worth buying.

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